Benefits of SEO for small business

There are 3 main benefits to doing SEO work now:

  1. Showing up on Google for A LOT more searches
    • There are less of these searches, but they are much higher converting searches
    • Creating what Google considers an “authoritative” site means you that in the long run, your website will most likely start showing up more for shorter, more competitive phrases.
  2. Improving Quality Score in Google AdWords campaigns
    • This will lower your overall cost per click resulting in a MUCH HIGHER R.O.I. from Google AdWords.
  3. Long Term Google Presence
    • The SEO Strategies listed below will result in your website being an anchor on the 1st page of Google for a lot more keywords.

Please note – The improvements to Quality Score are almost immediate – the improvements to SEO Rankings take longer although it is entirely possible to get ranked for low competition, high converting keywords VERY quickly (think 1 – 2 weeks) because none of your competitors are competing for those terms.  Make no mistake about it, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to ranking on Google.

My SEO Services (description and price)

It's time for SEO work

    1. Keyword Research
      • This is the most important part of ANY SEO campaign.  I will search for “hidden gems” that no one is competing for.
      • Each month I will start by researching different words in your industry.  I am looking for words that have a lot of searches, but low competition.
      1. Competitor Research
        • This is where I take the “hidden gem” I found and check Google to see who is ranking on page 1 of Google for that phrase.
        • I analyze the competition to see if their web pages about that subject are good or not.  I am looking for an easy “target” to pick off from page 1 of Google. An easy target would be someone who has an old outdated site with no inbound links and poor on page SEO (more about that below).
      2. Link Research
        • When I find a “target” – I then look deeper into the competition to discover where are they getting inbound links from.  If they have ANY decent inbound links (from blogs, forums etc.) I will try to get a link from the same sites.
        • I also look for “Dead Links”.  These are links on a website that are going to sites that no longer exist.  When I find those – I try to get you that link instead (if your content is related to the content that was linked in the past, I can convince them to give me that link instead).
      3. Copywriting
        • Now that I have a “hidden gem” (keyword) and a “target” (competitor) – it’s time to write some content that is bigger and better than the competitions content.  It will also be fresher and original – GOOGLE LOVES THOSE THINGS!
      4. Coding
        • Now that I have content – it’s time to build a webpage to make it all look pretty.
        • I will code the webpage around our target keyword.  Title Tag, H1 tag, image alt tags, image title tags, and related keywords in the H2 – H6 tags will all be done.
        • I will add “Rich Snippets” wherever I can.  Rich Snippets are pieces of code that the major search engines recognize, but they don’t show up on the web page to the visitor.
        • Rich Snippets, when displayed in the Search Engine Results, will draw the eye of the user and they WILL INCREASE YOUR CLICK THROUGH RATE.
      5. On site SEO
        • Now that I have new content up and a properly coded webpage – it’s time to find opportunities to link to it from within your site!
        • I go back through the site and find references to the new keyword we are targeting.  I then use keyword rich anchor text to link to our new page.
        • I also add the new web page to our menu (an opportunity to link with the main keyword from every page).
      6. AdWords implementation
        • Now that I have fresh and awesome content, a webpage that is coded properly, and have optimized the site, I can add that keyword to your Google AdWords campaigns.
        • The result will usually be a Quality Score that is 10 out of 10.
        • The benefit of a 10 out of 10 quality score is a MUCH LOWER AVERGE COST PER CLICK!
        • This means more clicks for less money which equals a higher ROI.
      7. Online Directory Submission
        • I will do a check to see that you are submitted to the most popular online directories (most likely you are not)
        • If you have listings on directories – I check that the information is all current
        • If you don’t have listing on the TOP 50 Directories – I will submit your business to those directories.
      8. Monitoring
        • I monitor the Search Engine Results to ensure that once you get your ranking, you hold it.
      9. Reporting
        • I will set you up with regular monthly SEO reporting so that you can see the results of all this hard work.

The end result of all this work is that you end up with the most authoritative and informative website about your industry in your market.  When you have this – you will DOMINATE GOOGLE!  The vast majority of your competitors are not doing this kind of work.  They mistakenly believe that if they have a pretty website – they will be on Google.  They mistakenly think that if they are on Google now, they can’t be knocked off.

They are fools and I would love the opportunity to destroy your competition on Google.

The downside to proper SEO work?

……..well there isn’t one!  This is the proper way to do SEO.  There are no shortcuts to showing up on Google.  The way I do this work makes your website Google Update Proof* as I’m not trying to cheat Google.  A lot of your competitors have tried (mostly in vane) to show up on Google quickly by paying for link building services (that just submit to a network of blogs the link building services owns).  Google figured them out and de-listed all those sites.

*obviously, since I can’t predict the future, I can’t promise you will be “Google Update Proof” as I don’t know how Google is going to change their algorithm in the future.  I do know that I’m doing legit, honest, hard work and common sense says that if I do that (and don’t try to cheat Google), Google will not punish me for that work.

If you are paying for any Google AdWords right now – I would recommend pausing that immediately and begin focusing on SEO.  I will add in very specific keywords to Google AdWords (I also offer Google AdWords Management at amazingly low rates with no contracts) slowly over time as we grow the website and have more related content (step 7 above).