The Pet Brigade website after redesign

Website work preformed

  • Complete Redesign of the website
  • Added clear calls to action
  • Optimized for industry related searches
  • Installed Analytics and Webmaster Tools

The Pet Brigade

The Pet Brigade is a dog boarding and grooming facility on JBLM. It is he only privately owned dog boarding facility on a military base in the United States!

The website that I was tasked to rebuild actually never launched in the first place. It was a Hibu website that they had failed to launch after a year, so the customer was eager to hire me to complete the job that Hibu never did.

It’s probably for the better because the Hibu website had the usual flaws of a website built by a giant corporation trying to save money at every turn. Bloated code, bad coding practices (think 12 or more h1 tags per page!), and grammatical errors throughout the website. These are the things that most customers don’t know to look for, and these are the things that will keep your site from ever showing up.

The one good thing they did was they did produce a nice looking website, so I promised the customer that the new website would NOT be drastically different. I had fun, and the end result is a much better website oveall.

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