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Sound Family Health

**** Please note – as of 6/3/15 this site is not live yet. The images I’ve used are for the development site. It will be launched in a couple of weeks (waiting on content from the client). If you click the link below to visit the website – it will take you to the old website. ****

Sound Family Health is a doctors office in Poulsbo, WA. This is another of the clients that I reached out to. Their old website was pretty much useless and I found it because I was redesigning another companies website that was so bad, I actually reached out to all the clients of that particular web designer.

Their original website was so bad, so vague, that there was a real possibility that IF (and that’s a big IF) anyone actually found it by Googling for a doctors office, their old site would probably have scared away business! Would you call a doctor that had a cheap looking website or one that had a helpful and informative professional looking website?

I always tell people that your website is the first impression a potential customer has about you – so you better make it a good impression because doing so will increase your chances of gaining new business.

Anyways – fun project that I pretty much started from scratch because their old website (and it’s content) were useless to me.

Website work preformed

  • New website design
  • On site SEO
  • Implemented calls to action
  • Easy to navigate menu
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