Website work preformed

  • Re-design of website
  • Re-writing all the content
  • Cleaning up bad SEO work
  • Added calls to action

Robby’s Septic Company

This website project started out innocent enough, and then grew into a monster of a website project.

At first glance, I saw a nice looking website and noticed it was built on a WordPress platform. Normally that means a smooth sailing project because I build all my websites on WordPress. I figured I would just have to add some code, modify a few things, and we’d be on our way. How wrong I was!

After logging in, the first thing I noticed was that the WordPress version hadn’t been updated in a long time. I also notice the plugins hadn’t been updated. When I checked the plugins I was floored by the fact they had over 20 plugins running! For comparison – I usually have less than 5!

When I looked more closely at the content, it was obvious that a VERY BAD SEO company had keyword stuffed the hell out of the website. Due to all the issues, I just advised the customer I would build it from scratch as it would easier and less costly to them.

The result is a clean design for a website, a much more navigable menu, and content that is easier to read and won’t get them banned on Google.

Overall, I enjoyed this website project very much!

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