Robby’s Septic Service

Robby’s Septic Service is a septic tank pumping and installation company in Lakeland, FL.

When I was first contacted by Beverly at Robby’s Septic it was to inquire about doing Google Adwords and other internet marketing services. I told Beverly no problem because I saw that their current website was built on a WordPress platform! I setup the AdWords account and the corresponding phone call tracking lines. Then I went to install the tracking code in the website (something I’ve done a hundred times) and I was floored. The backed up this website was so bad, I had to recommend that we rebuild the entire site.

There were over 20 plugins running that were slowing down the site – the links throughout the site had been so badly keyword stuffed that it would have cost them more to have me fix the existing code than it did to just rebuild the website!

I took the opportunity to get ride of the gaudy background picture. I cleaned up the design, I removed about 5,000 mentions of the “Lakeland, FL” and I am in currently re-writing the context for the website. It’s looking and performing much better, but we still have a ways to go.

Website work preformed

  • Complete Redesign of the website
  • A lot of onsite SEO!
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Pay Per click
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