Website work preformed

  • Built new WordPress website using the Enfold theme
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Basic SEO done (title, meta descriptions, heading tags etc)
  • Organized Information on all pages

Refresh Nutrition

Refresh Nutrition is a company owned by Elke Schleiss, a nutritionist in Portland, OR. After meeting Elke and learning that she was paying over $110 per month for her website, I was happy to take her on as a new client.  If you are thinking about using,, or any other giant company to build you a website – DON’T DO IT.  Even if you don’t hire me, do yourself a favor and don’t hire one of the giants.  You will end up wasting a lot of money.  The original website that was built by lacked any organization or optimization.  It was a very basic website and there is no way that it would have ever showed up on Google for anything other than the business name.  I enjoyed working on this project and am very pleased with the resulting website.

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