home page of Floor Crafters website after redesign

Website work preformed

  • Complete Redesign of the website
  • Added clear calls to action
  • Optimized for searches related to their industry
  • Gave the website a much more personal touch

Floor Crafters

Floor Crafters is a hardwood flooring company in Boulder, CO. I originally contacted this client (even though I rarely make outbound calls as my clients usually find me on the internet) because I was the owner of a domain that I thought could benefit his business. All I wanted to do was sell him the domain name and move on.

It turns out that his website was a crappy website from YP.com and he really needed by help. After confirming with my hardwood flooring client in Denver that it would not be a conflict of interest to help Floor Crafters (I give exclusivity to all my clients) – I contact Floor Crafters and said I’d build them a new website!

I had fun broadening my horizons and enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a completely different design for a hardwood flooring company than that of my other hardwood flooring website.

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