100% transparency, 100% of the time

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3 reasons to choose Pro AD Insight to manage your Google AdWords Campaigns:

1.  I let you see exactly what I see.  

To fulfill my policy of “100% transparency, 100% of the time” I setup a Google AdWords account under YOUR Google account.  Most AdWords management companies (re-sellers) will setup the account under their master account.  The problem with this is that you are then limited to the amount of information you are allowed to see.  With Pro AD Insight as your manager – you get access to everything because I manage your account.  This also has the benefit of allowing me to easily integrate YOUR ADWORDS ACCOUNT with YOUR GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

2.  My prices are lower than most.  

I have a flat rate of 20% of your monthly spend.  I setup your credit card with Google and you pay Google directly for clicks. You will always know exactly what your actual clicks are costing you (as required to be divulged by Google).   After you are charged by Google, I charge you 20%.  Simple and Affordable.


That’s right, no contracts.  My customers sign agreements.  It is an agreement to pay me X amount of dollars for a service.  There are no term limits in my agreements – you don’t have to agree to spend money for 6 months.  I understand that things change with small businesses and I give you the same flexibility you would have if you were managing this account yourself.

When it comes to Google AdWords – it can be an incredibly powerful tool for a small business owner, but it can also be a complete waste of money!

Anyone can setup a Google AdWords Account – pick a few keywords, and plug in their credit card.  The hard part is in analyzing all the data each month, and making modifications to the program that will optimize it for the best results.  Just knowing what to look at in all those reports can be overwhelming.

I will manage your Google AdWords account, and I will optimize it to ensure that all of your Campaigns, AdGroups, & Keywords have a high Quality Score.  Higher Quality Scores = Lower Cost Per Click.  My campaigns are not blind spend campaigns!

If you are currently paying Dex, Reach Local or Hibu to manage your Pay Per Click Campaigns – you really should contact me.  You are paying anywhere between 40% and 65% markup on your clicks.  I charge 20%!  Just on that savings alone, you could expect a lot more clicks per month!  That doesn’t even factor in the fact that my campaigns eliminate wasted clicks, wasted impressions, and get a lower cost per click than my competition.  When you factor everything in – I CRUSH THE COMPETITION.

Simply Put – I have NEVER found a Reach Local, Hibu, or Dex Pay Per Click Campaign that I can’t outperform by a mile.


My Google AdWords Campaigns CRUSH the competition. Contact me today to learn how!