AdWords Call Tracking

If you are going to run a Google AdWords campaign, you absolutely must setup Adwords call tracking.   Without call tracking, you will not know the real value of your Google AdWords Campaigns.

Tracking your phone calls that came from Adwords is an incredibly valuable metric that is often overlooked by many small business owners.

With most call tracking services, you can track day, date, time of call, duration, and number of calls.  For a few pennies (usually .20 cents per call) you can add in call recording and caller I.D. information as well.  This data is invaluable in helping you determine your true ROI from your AdWords campaigns.

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A few of the more popular call tracking services:

  1. Call Tracking Metrics
  2. Log My Calls
  3. If By Phone

( “for more detailed information about these companies – see my Call Tracking Services Review on my blog)

Call Tracking nitty gritty:

The services listed above vary in price and what they do for you, but for most small to medium sized businesses with a pay per click budget of less than $1,999 per month – Call Tracking Metrics will be the easiest to implement and save you the most money.  If you don’t have access to, or knowledge of, the code of your website and need help setting up Call Tracking Metrics – For a one time fee of $99 – I will get it up and running, link it to your Google Adwords account, and ensure that your Google Events are setup so that Google Analytics can track all phone calls that are generated from your AdWords call tracking number.

Get help setting up your Call Tracking! 1 time charge of $99 - I will setup your account, integrate it into your AdWords campaign, and ensure that your Google Analytics is tracking your calls.

If you are like most people – you need a simple solution.  You simply want to integrate any pay per click call tracking service with your Google AdWords and your Google Analytics.  Doing so will provide you with an easy and effective way to track the number of phone calls (and for a small price per call how long the call was and the caller i.d. information when available) your Google AdWords campaign is generating.

How Call Tracking works:

Most of the services out there use a snippet of code that is inserted into your website.  You will need to know how to access the code of your website to integrate the services into your campaigns and properly track the calls.  While it is not overly difficult to do, if the prospect of implementing code, linking accounts, and setting up tracking events sounds overwhelming to you – feel free to reach out to me.  I will get everything setup quickly.  You will be tracking calls by the end of the day, and I will even setup automatic reports for you!  That way you don’t have to do anything except run your business, and you will get reports!

If you are super curious about how it works – here’s a little more info for you:

The code that is added to the website will first check to see what the source of the visitor is.  If the visitor is from the designated source (setup on the call tracking service end) – it will dynamically change the phone number on the web page.  The really cool part is that you can set this source up to be anything!  You can track any source you want.

For example, let’s say you want to know if Yahoo traffic generates more phone calls to your business – simply buy a new number, tell the service that you want to track calls from Yahoo – and every time a visitor comes to your website from Yahoo – the appropriate number will be displayed.  If they come from Bing – or type in your web address directly – that visitor will not see the tracking number – they will see your REAL phone number!

What can you track with website call tracking?

The possibilities are literally endless.  You can track online and offline sources.  You can break it down to the keyword level (which would be ridiculous and not cost effective).  Most commonly people may break down their call tracking to the campaign level.  You may also want to track calls from different search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).  You can track calls from Bing Ad’s, Facebook Ad’s, or offline sources like a post card or a newspaper ad.  The possibilities are literally endless!

Mistakes people make with Call Tracking

One thing that I like to do with all call tracking I setup on websites (especially AdWords Call Tracking) is ensure that I don’t use a “cookie” tracking method.

With most dynamic call tracking services available – you have the option to set the duration the cookies stay on a visitors computer.  This means that when the visitor arrives – a cookie is placed on their computer identifying them as a “paid” visitor.  If that person returns to your website anytime within the next 30 days, regardless of if that return visit is via a direct, organic, or referral link – they will still see your tracking phone number!  This is troublesome because the end result is that you will track multiple calls from the same visitors!

A lot of large PPC management companies (Dex, Reach Local, Hibu & others) use this to give the appearance of your Pay Per Click campaigns generating more phone calls than they really are.  I personally find this tactic a bit deceptive.

It is for that reason that my default setting is to DISABLE COOKIES from call tracking services.  This way each visitor is treated independently and will only see your tracking number if they arrive through that paid link.  This technique will also give you valuable insight into the behavior of people that originally found you through a paid source.

The insight comes from the fact that if you see multiple calls from the same number in your tracking reports, you will KNOW for a fact that the person clicked on your ad multiple times!  This is not a good thing as in a perfect world, the person would return to your site from a book mark or directly typing in the domain name.  This insight could potentially save you a lot of money in click cost.