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Enfold Theme

I have used a lot of different themes on WordPress, for different types of websites for my clients, but The Enfold WordPress theme by Kriesi is by far my favorite theme that I use on themeforest.net. It is incredibly flexible, comes with a child theme that is easy to modify, can be modified to look like anything you want it to, and Kriesi offers great support.

All themes have a bit of a learning curve so documentation is important.  Without it, a lot of small business owners would be lost with a lot of the themes on Theme Forest.  Kriesi’s documentation for this theme includes downloads, videos, tutorials, faq’s, and code snippets.  If for some reason you don’t see what you need in Kriesi’s great documentation on Enfold, you can always post to their support forum and you will get an answer, usually within a day!   You can also go to Theme Forest and leave a question in the provided comments section for each theme.  Kriesi (or one of his cohorts) have always been great about answering the questions left on Theme Forest.

I am not being paid by Kriesi to write this post about the Enfold Theme.

The flexibility of Enfold

With nearly an infinite number of possible combinations for your layout, you can literally design Enfold to look like anything you want.  You want a 3 column website? Piece of cake!  4 colums, 2 columns… none of that is a problem with this theme.  The best part is – it’s a piece of cake once you have designed the layout for your pages.  You can save a page template, then when you create another page, simply select your page template that you created and the elements will be automatically placed inside the new page!

Customizing page layouts: 

Most websites will use the same page layout for every page as it’s just good web design.  A good website needs fluidity throughout so that website visitors will not get “lost” on your website.  However – there are times when you need (or want) a page to be uniquely different.  With this theme it’s a piece of cake to customize any page you want.

You can remove the breadcrumbs on individual pages, but leave them on other pages.  You can use a custom sidebar, or no sidebar at all, on individual pages.  Want to remove the footer on a certain page? simply select no footer from a drop down list.  You can even add a transparent header, or remove the header completely, to individual pages.

Customizing code:

Regardless of theme you choose for your small business website, I can almost guarantee you that there will be something you want to do, add, or change that the theme does not have a feature for.  Some themes make this incredibly difficult.

See that “font size picker” in the top right corner of the screenshott? VNA Colorado website screenshot

That’s not a feature native to the Enfold theme.  It’s a separate plugin with a short code to insert the selector.  To add this to the site, all I had to do was find the source file, place a copy in my child theme, then locate the code for the social plugins.  Once I did that, I added my code for the font-size selector plugin, assigned it a CSS class so I could customize it’s size, and we were in business.  With a lot of themes, this would have been a very difficult task, but not with Enfold!

I’ve used other themes where doing something simple like adding Google Analytics code to the header breaks the theme!  With Enfold, this is NEVER an issue.  I simply take the file (in this case the header.php), place a copy in my child theme, add the analytics code and I’m in business.  Kriesi does provide a spot to add your own Google Analytics code without having to do that, but I also always add Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster tools to every site I build.  Plus, it’s just a preference of mine to put the code exactly where I want it and maintain full control over the header file.

I’ve worked with some themes where this native functionality in WordPress (duplicating the parent themes files in the child theme) does not work.

There are always other pieces of code customers want added, things they want modified, and other custom changes that need to be made so that your final website will be uniquely different than the websites built by others using the same Enfold theme.  With this theme, the sky is the limit

Enfold features

Page builder

The page builder inside the Enfold theme is amazingly simple to use.  I’ve used a lot of themes that had beautiful page builders, but in my opinion they sometimes go overboard.  Kriesi keeps everything simple and once you’ve mastered it, you can’t possibly build pages any faster.

Fully Responsive

Almost all WordPress themes are responsive these days.  If you are looking at a theme that isn’t responsive – look for another.  Especially now that Google has stated that sites that are not mobile friendly will be demoted in the rankings.  With this theme, you don’t have to worry about it.  It’s completely responsive and looks beautiful on all devices.

Enfold’s child theme

If you are going to modify ANY part of the code in a theme you purchase, it’s crucial that you use a child theme.  A child theme will make it so that your modifications will not be lost when the theme is updated (and themes need to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with the WordPress versions that get released.

The child theme that Kriesi provides uses the WordPress best practices for child themes.  I still see themes that are using the old @import method for a child theme.  This method has been deprecated for over a year now.  I’ve had developers fight with me about this.  Kriesi not only doesn’t fight with you about anything, he setup a page with a tutorial for how to use a child theme with the Enfold theme.

Enfold theme support

Simply put – the best support for any theme I have ever purchased.  Timely responses, never rude, useful and helpful tips.  The team Kriesi has assembled is the best.

Enfold theme updates

Enfold theme updates are a piece of cake to do.  No more fiddling with FTP clients and manually updating your theme.  Simply add your Theme Forest username and the purchase key in the Enfold Theme settings and updates are as simple as clicking a button.

It’s also important for developers to keep up with the constant changes in WordPress.  This is because changes in the version of WordPress you are using can affect plugins and other theme functionality.  Kriesi’s Enfold theme is always compatible with the latest WordPress versions and I never have any conflicts with my favorite plugins (Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7).

Enfold samples

To date I have built 11 websites for my clients using the Enfold theme, but if I didn’t tell you that, you probably wouldn’t know. The gallery at the top of this page are all websites that were built with the Enfold theme.

Have you used the Enfold theme?  What has your experience been?  Let me know in the comments.

If you have installed the Enfold theme and are stuck or need custom modifications – feel free to reach out to me.  At this point I feel like somewhat of an Enfold Master.  I would be happy to provide you a quote to modify your Enfold theme however you need.

About the Author

Chad Musgrove is the owner, janitor, receptionist, book keeper, website developer and internet marketer of Pro AD Insight. PAI is a website design and internet marketing company specializing in providing the small business owner with amazing websites and top notch pay per click advertising at incredibly low prices. Contact Chad today to learn how he can help you with your website.


  1. The purpose of my website, https://medigapplanners.com is to generate Medicare Supplement leads for a call center. Our target audience is seniors 65+. To date, I have done all of the build myself using the Enfold theme from Themeforest. I am looking for assistance with changing the overall look and feel of the website to help with conversions (filling out a form for more information). My idea is to add a data input “call to action” on the landing page. Similar to https://www.studiopress.com/showcase/student-debt-relief/. I have other examples. Along with changes to the site I would also be interested in updating the logo if you offer design services. Of course I’d like to keep costs as low as possible, but I’m willing to spend what’s needed to achieve my goals. Please let me know if you are interested in this project.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to this comment. I took a look at the website and it looks like maybe you’ve found someone to help with it.

      If you are still in need of assistance, please feel free to use my contact form and I’ll see what I can do.


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