Why your company should have a blog

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Your company should have a blog!

“But I’m a ____(insert type of company here)_____ Company, what would I blog about, why would anyone want to read it, and how will it help my website?”

Well I’m glad you asked.  Sit back, grab a snack, relax and in the next several hundred word, I’m going to tell you exactly why you should have a blog and how it will benefit your company (especially in the long run). Let’s jump right in shall we?

The #1 reason a local business should blog

SEO.  Period, end of story.  SEO for your Local business (that link will work on Monday 2/2 when I publish that post..I don’t have time to write it now) is, hands down, the #1 reason your company should have (and maintain a blog). If you want to show up on Google – you can’t just build a website and forget it.  You must always add and update content.  This is because GOOGLE DOES NOT LIKE STALE WEBSITES.  Blogging will help you show up on Google because guess what it’s doing?  ADDING AND UPDATING the content of your website!

But what could you blog about?  I’ll get to that in Reason #3 below.

Reason #2 to maintain a Blog

Your competitors are not doing it!  This is sort of related to the #1 reason listed above.  The fact that your competitors are NOT blogging is yet another reason you SHOULD BE!  It makes showing up on Google easy for the stuff you are blogging about.  Be careful though – don’t just blog to show up on Google.  There’s a good chance that your posts will show up and someone will click on them.  Make sure that the content is very readable! If it is not, and people just hit the back button right away, you could end up hurting your SEO because Google does not like high bounce rates!

Here’s a real world example that will help you understand what I’m talking about, and hopefully help you see how you can attain new customers from blogging.

Blogging example:  You are a hardwood flooring company.  You write a post that is all about “How to install a hardwood floor”, because you did keyword research (more on that below) and know that this is a keyword ripe for the picking. A homeowner has been thinking about replacing his carpets with Hardwoods, but he doesn’t want to “waste his money” hiring a pro.  He would rather head to home depot, buy the flooring (at full retail) and install it himself.  He’s thinking “how hard could it be?”  He jumps online and Googles “How to install a hardwood floor” (BTW – there’s a decent chance that this blog shows up for that phrase in my city, even though I’m not trying to.  This is because there are VERY few hardwood flooring guys (if any) blogging about “How to Install Hardwood Floors”).. 

Are you getting the picture?  NONE of your competitors have done this.  Most of them probably have a website that was built in 2005 and says something lame like “Welcome to our Website – we are ___(insert city here)___’s leading hardwood flooring company – we provide top notch customer service to everyone.  Your satisfaction is our goal… blah, blah, blah.”  That crap on a web page is boring to visitors and guess what?


But if you have a website that has current, helpful, and unique content about installing a hardwood floor – YOU WILL SHOW up.  Google wants people to enjoy their user experience and so they are on a never ending quest to show the most relevant results to a users search.  This is because they want everyone in the world using Google and not Yahoo or Bing or some other search engine.  More users equals more revenue and we all know, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Reason #3 a company should blog

Long Tail Keywords.

Long tail keywords are easy to show up for.  Yes, you heard me.  They are EASY to show up for.  Be careful here though.  Don’t just grab any ole keyword out there.  You need to find keywords about your industry that are actually being searched for.  There are many FREE keyword tools out there.  Google has the keyword planner tool (you have to have an Adwords account to access it), but my favorite is Long Tail Platinum.  It’s crazy affordable and it’s quick and easy to use to discover new Long Tail keywords that will help you with your Local SEO efforts.

This tool will not only help you discover what I like to call “hidden gems”, but it will also help you size up the competition for the keyword.  Once you have a “target” (you’re chose long tail keyword), you can start blogging about it and most likely show up on Google for it fairly quickly (especially in your market since your competitors have lame websites).

I know you are thinking “but that phrase doesn’t get searched much”.  You are right.  but did you know that long tail phrases account for more than 80% of all searches on the web?  That’s why you need to just keep blogging, just keep blogging (be honest, did you read that with Dorey’s voice).  If you keep it up you will soon be showing up for a lot of keywords that aren’t searched very much,  instead of never showing up for a few keywords that are searched all the time!

You will also end up with what I call the Trickle Down Effect (reason #5 below).

Reason #4 your company should blog

Social Media posts.

Blogging is an EASY way (hard to setup) to update your social media accounts like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In with relevant content.  Updating your social media accounts has many benefits.  Benefits like keeping in touch with customers, having your social media page show up on Google (especially when someone searches your business name), and hopefully acquiring more followers and reviews (reviews are HUGE for Local SEO).

When it’s all setup, your blog can auto post to your social media accounts and guess what?  Most of your competitors are not updating their social media accounts.  Most have a Facebook page (no twitter, no Linked In, no Google Plus) with a few “likes” that are mostly from family and friends.  This is another huge area of opportunity for you.

As for the showing up on Google when someone searches your name – do you want 1 listing with no info to show up, or when someone types in your company name, do you want your website home page, your Google Local Listing, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your Website contact page, your Yelp review page and your Linked in profile page to show up?  By blogging and auto posting to social media, you can literally OWN THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE, when someone searches your company name?

Reason #5 to blog

The trickle down keyword effect.

If your site is relevant for a lot of long tail keywords related to your main keyword…there’s a good chance that in the long run Google will start showing your website for the more competitive keywords.  This is because it only makes sense that if you are seen as an “authority site” for a lot of topics related to your most broad (and most searched and competed for) keyword –  Google will draw the conclusion that you must also be an authority for the main keyword too.  It takes time, but keep at it and it will happen.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on out there and write your first post!  If you need help setting up a blog – feel free to get in touch.  Building websites with blogs is one of the many things I do!

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