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Have you recently registered a domain name and received an email telling you that “Our records indicate that you have not yet verified your registered email id for ___________________.com”?

This has now happened to me twice, and both times it has been within a week of registering a new domain name.  If you get the following email (or anything similar to it) – do NOT click on the link in the email.  Pretty sure this company is fishing for domain names and unknowing suspect will have their registrars transferred to a different domain name registrar.

Here’s the email:

“Our records indicate that you have not yet verified your registered email id for ___________.com for search engines, so we thought we’d send you a quick reminder!
To verify your email id please click the URL or open it in your browser:  http://searchregistry.biz/confirm?id=1B91MA5VW
If you you believe this notice to be in error and you have in-fact verified your email id, you have already contacted our office to make arrangements or your company is no longer doing business, then please excuse this notice.
By clicking the URL you opt-in to receive phone calls from us. We will call you within 24-48 hours of you verifying your email-id to confirm your phone number listed.
We sincerely appreciate your business! If you require anything, we are at your service.
Domain Verification Team
350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor. New York, NY”

The funny thing is – there are literally 3 domains in this one email.  It appears to be send from “DomainSuppport at Kayako.com” – when you click reply it goes to admin at salesuit.com – and the clickable link is to searchregistry.biz (but the anchor in the searchregistry.biz link actually goes to salesuit.com php…

I’m not sure if this is a virus or if it’s just a fishing scheme for info – but my advice is to ignore this email as this company is definitely scamming unsuspecting people.


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