An actual Hibu Website reviewed

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Real Hibu Website Reviewed

As I was typing my post “Hibu Website Review” I got the idea to find an actual hibu website to take a look at.  I figured I would do this with screen captures and notes.  Lot’s of pictures so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the end product (and especially in this guys case) is definitely not worth the money he is spending on it.

To find this website – I didn’t have to dig far.  I literally typed “Powered by Hibu” into Google Chrome, and this was the very first website I clicked on.

Hopefully this review will do 2 things.

  1. If you are a do it yourselfer, you can learn some basics of on page SEO from this post and avoid these mistakes yourself
  2. If you were thinking about hiring Hibu to build you a website – you will save yourself the money and hire a real web designer.

Without further ado, I present to you the website we are going to be looking at.

www.lawboje.com – a Houston Attorney – (I just gave them a free, keyword rich link.  Figured it’s the least I could do since we are using their site!)

Feel free to click on that  – and open the site in a new window.  I’m going to walk you through the things I look at when I’m reviewing a website (any website, not just a Hibu one) to help a customer understand why they want to hire me.

On with the review!

At first glance – the site LOOKS nice.  Most likely, that’s all the customer noticed (because most customers don’t know what to look for).

Here’s a screen shot in case you didn’t feel like clicking the link above (click to enlarge)

Law Boje law firm

Screen shot for our Hibu website review

Now let’s dig a littler deeper and see what we find.

  • The first issue I see is the generic copyrighting.  Right on the home page it states “We care about our clients and will try to help you to the best of our abilities, starting with a FREE consultation”.  Nothing instills confidence in a potential client like knowing their potential attorney is going to TRY to help them to the best of their abilities.
  • The only word bolded or standing out is the word FREE.  There is only a couple little “calls to action” at the bottom of the page.  This site is not designed with the end user in mind.
  • The first 2 points may not seem like much, but they are huge because conversion ratio’s will be much lower (if they get any decent traffic to the site) than they could be.

Now let’s look at the code: (right click and hit “view page source” to see the code)

  • Hit “control F” and in the find box – type “h1”.  What we are doing is looking for the h1 tag on the page (because it should match the title tag and be in the first paragraph.  It should also be the main keyword of the page and you SHOULD NEVER OVERUSE THE H1 TAG.
    • Holy CRAP!  22 h1 tags (to be fair, the search function counts both the opening and closing tags so Hibu only used 11 H1 tags on the home page!
    • These are the tags I found: “Aggressive Defense” (they have a misspelling of aggressive on the home page as well) “for all cases” (this is a pathetic use of the H1), “Zealous and compassionate”, “Representation”, “Get”, “Dedicated to your case”, “from start to finish”, “Choose from a wide range”, “of legal services”, “You Deserve”,and  “The Justice”.
    • It is clear to me that the H1 was used for styling and not for SEO purposes.  This is NOT good and if Google doesn’t penalize the site for overusing the H1 tag – they will definitely not know what the hell the site is about.
    • The problems with the H1 tag persist throughout the website on all the pages.
  • Now using “control f” search for h2, h3, h4, h5, & h6 tags – there are none
  • There is very little copy on the home page, and no clear goal. Definitely not the minimum recommended (for SEO) of 350 words.
  • The title of the home page is “Law Firm of Boje & Associated – Law Services | Houston, TX”.  This is not structured around a central keyword (unless the primary keyword for the home page is the company name).
  • Image names are all a bunch of gobblygook…. (codes).  This is a missed opportunity to name the images after the keyword (or variations of the main keyword) on the website.
  • CSS is all put in the head section of the home page, instead of it’s own separate file (this is amateurish and slows down page load times.)

In addition to the issues listed above, there is no internal linking strategy (a massive missed opportunity to help tell Google what each page is about), the content is thin on all pages, and there is virtually no SEO done on any of them.

Another big issue with all these problems is that if you are paying for any kind of Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords / Pay Per Click) – you will have lower quality scores which will equal higher cost per click than you should be paying.

SEO Metrics from this Hibu Website.

Ran a crawl of lawboje.com.  As expected – not very good.  Actually, worse than “not very good” – these numbers are horrific.  No way this site ever ranks for any keyword in a city the size of Houston and given the competitiveness of the keywords related to personal injury / accident lawyers… Anyways – here are the screen shots of the scan.

a hibu websites seo metrics

a hibu website review of social metrics

hibu website review of site metrics

There are other things wrong with this Hibu Website – but it’s late and I’m tired of looking at it so I’m done.

Do you have a Hibu website?  If, after reading this, you are not convinced that you need to look for someone else to do your website – you can at least use what you learned here to check your site.  I would then say you should use your unlimited website updates and have them make changes based on what you find.

About the Author

Chad Musgrove is the owner, janitor, receptionist, book keeper, website developer and internet marketer of Pro AD Insight. PAI is a website design and internet marketing company specializing in providing the small business owner with amazing websites and top notch pay per click advertising at incredibly low prices. Contact Chad today to learn how he can help you with your website.


  1. This guy is a web designer? and you wrote a review on web designing on your competitor ( the way a gnat competes with a newspaper btw) and you SURPRISE SURPRISE WROTE A POOR REVIEW!? HOW ORIGINAL! How many happy customers do you have Mr. Janitor?

    • Hi – “nope”… thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

      1. Yes I’m a web designer.
      2. I don’t think myself as a competitor to Hibu, nor is Hibu a competitor to me for a lot of reasons.
      3. I currently have 15 paying website customers with 4 websites on backorder.
      4. I have 4 SEO customers, 7 PPC customers, and a few customers that use my automated web forms

      My review is not biased because Hibu is a competitor – my review is a factual based. Take a look at an actual Hibu website – you will see the same problems over and over. In this particular case I outlined the exact problems with this Hibu website and explained why their websites are overpriced and do NOT show up on Google.

      I have reviewed many sites from Hibu and they all have the same problems.

      You don’t have to take my word for it. You can believe that I am biased if you want, but I would highly suggest you Google “Hibu Website Reviews” and check out all the other sites out there with complaints from around the web.

      You will find that most are complaints about service, the setup process, getting changes done, issues with billing, and other various issues. I am trying to outline what is wrong from a design development standpoint. There is a reason why Hibu websites do NOT rank on Google for anything.

      If you have any more questions, or want to see any more examples – let me know.

    • I was shopping around for a website design company… found your article – which I found extremely biased – So I looked into this myself. Let me also add I never heard of hibu before this…
      I used 2 different grading tools for the website lawboje.com – Both sites graded it overall 8.0 or 8.5 out of 10 –

      hibu does a great job. in fact I decided to go with them because of your article.

      • Good luck with your Hibu website.

        Be prepared to go shopping for a new designer in a year when you realize that the points in my post are the reason why your HIBU website is not showing up on Google and is not getting any traffic.

        Besides these sites being bad websites (from a coding, design, content, SEO, and usability standpoint), they are incredibly overpriced.

        Hibu will put the site on a shared hosting account (this results in slow page load times) that you could get from Go Daddy for about $5 per month. Unless you are very hands on with their “designers”, you will get something that is less than ideal with a lot of text that is used on every other website they build for people in your industries.

        And just to be clear – Silktide is not good at grading websites. It is VERY easy to fool. For example, Silktide gave this website a green check mark for social engagement just because there are links to Facebook and Twitter, even though they have 0 likes on Facebook and only 3 tweets (with no followers) on Twitter.

        anyways – good luck with Hibu. Please be sure to check back and let us know how your website turned out.

  2. This fellow is a web fashioner? what’s more, you composed a survey on web outlining on your rival ( the way a gnat contends with a daily paper BTW) and you SURPRISE WROTE A POOR REVIEW!? HOW ORIGINAL! What number of glad clients do you have Mr. Janitor?

    • Hi Annabel. Thank you for identifying who “nope” is in the first comment from a few months ago (if Annabel is your real name).

      I have removed the link to the website I assume you are trying to do SEO work for via leaving comments on blogs (Masu Brakes dot com). I wonder if your customer knows that paying a company to leave blog comments on unrealted blogs is an outdated SEO technique that have little to no impact on actual SEO for local businesses? They do now as I sent them a contact form with a link to this post. I hope they are not paying your company too much money.


  3. Great “Notwithstanding the issues recorded above, there is no inside connecting methodology (a gigantic missed chance to inform Google what every page is regarding), the substance is slender on all pages, and there is essentially no SEO done on any of them.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Agreed internal linking is something that I have never seen on a Hibu website.

      I took a quick glance at the site you linked to – could use a bit of an upgrade. Load times are VERY slow (I’m guessing the site is hosted in a shared hosting environment), image’s have no alt or title tags, image file names haven’t been optimized and there are a whole host of other SEO issues with it.

      Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with the site.


  4. It goes far beyond not linking something. lol I have many clients that had a website from or did advertising with the old telephone directory and newspaper companies that do “websites”. The problem is their structure. These companies are about shear volume. Sales!!! They provide a cookie cutter approach to their clients and if you were to find other websites that they have done you will notice that the content is almost identical. Photos will certainly be unless the customer provides. I have actually ran in to the situation where two websites were identical. The only difference being the company’s name and number. The only way that one of their customers are going to get something unique is if they are to get really involved and many times the templates that are used are not flexible enough to accommodate. Not only are the templates unaccommodating, a lot of the times the person putting the site together is a customer service rep and typically has no idea about the structure or how websites work. Sadly, Hibu does a bit better than some of these other companies but if all of the sites have the same generic content then google is going to be taking them to the woodshed.

    In Chad’s defense, companies like Hibu are not competition. I used to work for one of the yellow pages directory companies (Wont name the name) as an internet sales manager and know how they operate. Chad(me too) builds websites and these companies plug information into a template. Chad does SEO and these companies say that the do. However, they do not. Chad does PPC and these companies simply sell it.

    Most of the time PPC is not done in house or it is automated and the results are sub par. I have talked to my clients that do PPC with these big companies and by doing a little research we can assume that most of their budget isn’t even being utilized. Yes, I take a fee off of the top and so does Chad. This is fair. What is not fair is taking upwards of 50%. Hey, if you are outsourcing then you have to make money and so does the person that its being outsourced to. It leaves little for the client.

    On top of all of this my clients were told that they were going to be on the top of google and thats where they will receive clicks. Unless they are in a very small market they will receive very few from google. Most of the traffic would come from yellowbook.com or yellowpages.com. Anything else was coming from places like dogpile.com, citysearch.com, or any other sites in their distribution network. Google is the most trafficked site in the US and because of this it is the most expensive place to derive clicks.

    Lets say that I tell the customer that I can get 50 clicks per month to their site for $150. If clicks from Google average $3 then I wont be putting any money in my pocket. I have to go to other places to to get a cheaper click or I can just use my site such as yellowbook.com or yellowpages.com and those clicks cost me nothing more than what it takes to maintain my site.

    I also wanted to point out that the website you reviewed is for a company in Houston, Texas and that I find it funny that the main picture is that of the Dallas, Texas Skyline.

  5. Be prepared to go shopping for a new designer in a year when you realize that the points in this post are the reason why your HIBU website is not showing up on Google and is not getting any traffic.

  6. In Chad’s defense, companies like Hibu are not competition. I used to work for one of the yellow pages directory companies (Wont name the name) as an internet sales manager and know how they operate. Chad(me too) builds websites and these companies plug information into a template. Chad does SEO and these companies say that the do. However, they do not. Chad does PPC and these companies simply sell it.
    I love with open this site.
    Thank you.##################%%%%%%%%%%%%%@@@@@@

    • Thanks for the comments! HIBU is definitely not a competitor of mine. 🙂

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