The #1 Reason to NOT register a domain name with Network Solutions

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Do NOT register a domain name with Network Solutions

As you can imagine, in my line of work, I work with a lot of domain names.  To make things easier in the future, I usually transfer the domain name of my clients to the registrar that I have the hosting with (Typically GoDaddy – although I’m about to leave them because their slogans of “Always Up, Always On” and “99.9% uptime guarantee” are complete lies).  Anyways, years ago (back when I was just a toddler in the web design world) I used to use Network Solutions for hosting and domain registration.  I don’t use them any longer but the reason will be a topic for another post.  (Teaser – their websites are generic, expensive, and not optmized.  Their hosting is ridiculously priced, their customer service is horrible and the list goes on and on).

But I digress.  This post is about why you should not even use them to register a domain name!

Besides the fact that their user interface is complicated and their default settings are hard to change – you should not register a domain name with Network Solution because if you want to leave them, they make you wait 3 days!  With modern technology, there is no excuse for this.

All you need to transfer a domain name is an authorization code.  Most companies will give you access to this code from their user interface.  You don’t even have to “request it”.  Not with Network Solutions.  You have to jump through hoops to even request a transfer code.  While jumping through those hoops – you will be bombarded with “Wait, before you go” and warning messages about being responsible for whatever happens when you transfer the domain name (nothing happens, all your settings stay the same so this process is seamless to your existing website).  When you finally get to the part where you check the box to unlock the domain registration lock (a step that has to be done before you can request a code) – you will also have to check another box requesting the authorization code (something you already clicked on when you started this process).

After you bypass the warnings and offers to save money by staying with them, and you check the right boxes, and you hit submit – you would think you would get the authorization code to transfer the domain right?  Wrong!  Instead you get this:

“your request for an Auth Code has been received and your information will be validated to ensure the security of your account. If your request is approved, you will receive your Auth Code by email in 3 days.”

3 days! Are you kidding me. I have to wait 3 days for a computer generated code that I should have in 3 seconds?

Everything about Network Solutions (aka web.com) is shady and I can’t stand it. I have an idea for Network Solutions – how about instead of making things difficult for customers – you focus on making your customers happy. If you did that – I’ll bet less people would leave you!

P.S. – if you are set on staying with Network Solutions – you can get a discount by starting the transfer process, then clicking the discount offers they use to try to save you……..

About the Author

Chad Musgrove is the owner, janitor, receptionist, book keeper, website developer and internet marketer of Pro AD Insight. PAI is a website design and internet marketing company specializing in providing the small business owner with amazing websites and top notch pay per click advertising at incredibly low prices. Contact Chad today to learn how he can help you with your website.


  1. I signed up with Network Solutions for my domain name after comparing several (one was Go Daddy) domain sites about 3 years ago. Their price was affordable. Fast forward a few years and I notice that they’re auto billing me for 2 years at a time for a price that is three times more than when I signed up for them. So like, you I looked into moving the domain host and they don’t do any refunds and they had just charged my account for another 2 years! Plus they wanted $38 for the auth code to move it. I have read several articles that said they practically couldn’t get the auth code from them, that they paid the money and checked the boxes and when asked they said they never got that request. I don’t understand how this can be legal. I think when you check the I agree on all these sites there’s a legalize in there somewhere that says “We can do whatever we want you and agree to it” where are the protections for the consumers? Not sure what to do now, except hold on to it until the next two years is up and turn the domain name in to them as it’s not really wanted anymore. btw you have to keep checking the default boxes or they change them back.

    • Great point Marcia! I completely forgot about their habit of defaulting everything to “auto renew” then not refunding money.

      If it has been 30 days or less, I would recommend submitting a dispute with your CC company. Network Solutions would have 30 days to respond to that dispute. If they don’t – you have your refund!

      Good luck, and let me know if I can help.

  2. They send me an email and asking me to pay $100 for my two domain Auth-codes!! I can’t believe this!

    • $100 dollars for 2 transfer codes? Are you kidding me. I hate Network Solutions so much. Companies that try to “trap” or “scare” customers into staying should not be trusted. I highly recommend you pay the $100, then transfer from them immediately. Any registrar is better than them.

      Good luck and thank you for sharing.

  3. Heya, same issue with the ridiculous 3 day wait period.

    I simply sent a very angry email to their customer support calling them in all kinds of nice names, and badaboombadabing, a minute later the authcode was in my inbox. LOL!

    • I left Network Solutions a long time ago and will never return, mostly due to ridiculous customer service like this. Other Domain Registrars will let you see the auth code by clicking a few buttons. Network Solutions is over prices and their service is horrible.

  4. I don’t like Network solutions for a number of reasons and moved my domain from them to GoDaddy.
    However, what you say about the authorization code is incorrect. Yes, you have to request it, but it’s painless and I got a reply in a couple of hours if not less.

    • Hey Harald,

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know. When I originally wrote the post, it took much longer than a couple of hours. Glad to hear they’ve updated their systems.

  5. It doesn’t appear that they have updated their systems…

    I just went through the exact same process you describe above, and 3 days later I got an email with an auth code. But the auth code is INVALID according to my registrar (yes, I copied & pasted the code exactly).

    So, tonight I went back to Network Solutions and jumped through the same hoops to request a code. Again, I was told I would get an email in 3 days…

    If it doesn’t work, I will be filing a Transfer Complaint with ICANN.

    • Thanks for the comment Rob. Sorry to hear about your struggles with Network Solutions. Hopefully you got the issue resolved.

  6. I have been one of their customers for years and I am surprised at their attitude. It is not the fault of the employees but the policy they have undertaken.

    I am waithing in vain from NS the auth code.
    I decided to let my domain expires. No problem, I no more need it.

    I’m displeased by the way they work

  7. I waited 3 days but i didn’t got my code! So i called them and they asked me few security questions and before hanging up the code was in my inbox…

    • They are the worst at giving you that code. They have up to 7 days, and if you don’t call them, you will almost always wait the 7 days.

      Used to be that even when calling them was futile. Glad to hear that they at least handled it over the phone. It’s ridiculous that they take so long when it’s an automated process and they only have to check a box.

      Glad to hear you got the code and migrated away from them.

  8. Hi Chad, I found this through doing a search for domain transfer process. I was saddened to hear that there are problems with NS. I too am with NS, but I’m considering a switch. I wanted to know which company you might suggest? When you have a moment please let me know your top picks.

    • Good Morning IR.

      I personally use Go Daddy as my registrar (but not for the sub par hosting). I find them to be the easiest to make adjustments to the DNS settings and the time it takes for DNS updates (like updating an “A” record to point to a different server) is USUALLY lightning fast.

      That said, if you are looking to host your site at the same place that you have your domain (not necessary), I would recommend A2 hosting (no affiliation other than I am a customer of theirs). I can not vouch for their domain transfer or registration, but they have been the best host I’ve tried so far.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

      – Chad

  9. I would like to share my experience here.

    Towards the end of March, I changed the e-mail address for the Whois contact and that put my domain name under a 60-day lock.

    4 days ago, I logged into the control panel and even though it’s still under lock, there was a link for me to unlock and obtain an authorization code. As mentioned by many others, NS made me jump through a few hoops before I was given the option to proceed or to cancel. I canceled at the last moment because I wanted a few more days to save my e-mails.

    2 days ago, when I logged in again, the link had disappeared. I was surprised and called up Network Solutions’ customer service, which by the way operates from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, not 24 hours. I was told that there’s a secondary lock on my domain, and I was also told that this secondary lock was put in place towards end March. I was very surprised and suspicious of this information as this was the first time I am hearing about a “secondary lock”, and also the fact that it was put in place end March when I changed the e-mail address! I am beginning to think that perhaps this so called secondary lock was placed there by NS?

    NS also sent me an e-mail saying that the lock was put in placed in accordance to new ICANN guidelines. However, when I browsed through ICANN’s website, all I could find was this: “Domain name is in “Lock” status (Registrars must provide a readily accessible and reasonable means for name holders to remove the lock status. Contact your registrar for assistance.)”

    The fact that the link to unlock disappeared within a span of 2 days is very strange. I am wondering if anyone out there has faced the same problem. Is there actually some new guidelines that I am unaware of and that my suspicion of NS is unfounded?

    • Good Morning Harry,

      I apologize for the delayed response. Hopefully you were able to get the transfer completed and get away from Network Solutions. These types of stories anger me a bit because there is not reason for Network Solutions to make it so difficult to transfer a domain name. They charge ridiculous amounts of money and then make it very difficult to switch registrars.

      If you see this update, please feel free to respond with what it took to finally get Network Solutions to transfer the domain to your new registrar as it will probably be useful to other NS customers that are “stuck”.

  10. “Towards the end of March, I changed the e-mail address for the Whois contact and that put my domain name under a 60-day lock.”

    They got me. I had to renew at full price. Will leave ASAP:-(

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